About Us

whonky wheelsWho we are and how we make our beautiful, handmade wooden toys.

We are found in the foothills of the Appalachians outside a town called Granite Falls, North Carolina. We have been making wooden toys and puzzles for several years while we lived in New Zealand. We decided to return to the USA and continue doing what we love to do: make children laugh. We strive to make the safest, best designed toys and puzzles we can make and are always open to suggestions as to how we can make things even better.

We use the finest Spruce, Walnut and Maple in our toys and manufacture almost everything that is used.

Our finishes are natural and are non-toxic. All our “indoor” type toys are finished with Olive Oil. Some studies suggest that some polyurethane finishes can break-down and cause harm to little ones. Olive Oil DOES NOT! It is safe for the youngest child and will not go rancid or spoil.

Our outside range is designed for heavy play and use. We use waterproof glues and a time-tested finish.

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