How Does Your Body Absorb Multivitamins?


It’s more than likely you take some kind of vitamins every day.  Multivitamins are a popular choice as you can (hopefully) get everything you need in one handy pill.  You may have wondered from time to time just how your body absorbs vitamins. Can You Get All You Need From Diet? Vitamins and minerals can not be made by the body so we have to consume them in some form.  In a perfect world we …

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A man with a childhood passion for collecting toy cars

The Pakistani man, Aamir Ashfaq’s childhood passion has been collecting the toy cars for the past 32 years and he has achieved to stockpile a collection of more than 5000 cars at present. He claims his collection is the leading in Pakistan. This 39 year old man from Lahore, Pakistan has a craze for toy cars and also has over 4,000 topped down models of tangible vehicles. The resident of Aamir Ashfaq is situated in …

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